jffs, jffs2

Christopher Hoover ch at murgatroid.com
Tue Sep 24 15:54:54 EDT 2002

Use jffs2 over jffs.

Caveat with 2.5: if your flash has variable-sized blocks (e.g. Intel C3
flash), you'll need to either use the mtd CVS or patch the 2.5 sources

Use mkfs.jffs2 to build the image.

With blob, just pretend "ramdisk" is "root".  You'll need to have
configured the proper partitioning into both blob and the sa1100 mtd
partition code. 

Write the image by doing "erase ramdisk; xdownload ramdisk; {send the
file}; flash ramdisk".  The erase is important.    

One final thing: be sure to configure your blob parameters to tell it
not to load the ramdisk automatically.  


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