jffs, jffs2

Simon Posnjak simon at activetools.si
Wed Sep 25 07:18:07 EDT 2002

On Tue, 2002-09-24 at 21:54, Christopher Hoover wrote:
> Use jffs2 over jffs.
> Caveat with 2.5: if your flash has variable-sized blocks (e.g. Intel C3
> flash), you'll need to either use the mtd CVS or patch the 2.5 sources
> accordingly. 
I wasn't to clear: I will be using 2.4.18. The date in TODO file which
is located in fs/jffs2 directory is 2001/03/01 which seams to be a bit
old. What I would like to now is there a newer (stable) version. (What
to pull out of the CVS - HEAD or some other taged version)

> Use mkfs.jffs2 to build the image.
> With blob, just pretend "ramdisk" is "root".  You'll need to have
> configured the proper partitioning into both blob and the sa1100 mtd
> partition code. 
> Write the image by doing "erase ramdisk; xdownload ramdisk; {send the
> file}; flash ramdisk".  The erase is important.    
> One final thing: be sure to configure your blob parameters to tell it
> not to load the ramdisk automatically.  

OK I got this, thank you for your help. Just one more thing:

So to mount an empty mtd partition as jffs/jffs2 all I have to do is to
erase it (using erase utilty from mtd)and then just do mount -t jffs2
/dev/mtdblock5 /somedir. Is this correct?

	Regards Simon

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