jffs, jffs2

Simon Posnjak simon at activetools.si
Tue Sep 24 14:41:52 EDT 2002

Hi all,

I have some newbie quastions about jffs and jffs2. Our SA1110 based
board has 16MB of NOR based FLASH (Intel StrataFlesh).

-Which one (jffs or jffs2) would be a better choice(I need stability and
good back up on power fail)? Which version should I use (CVS or the one
that comes with vanila Linux kernel). 

-Have can I create a empty image? (I have a partition of 8 MB and I want
to put jffs or jffs2 on it)

-Have can I write the image from my bootloader - I mean how should I
modify my bootloader to support writing of a jffs/jffs2 image to flash
so that I can boot my system from it(only root will be on jffs - the
kernel will be preloaded and booted by bootloader). (My bootloader is

	lp simon

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