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Fri Sep 13 11:48:49 EDT 2002



I have been mandated by my client, Son to former dictatorship president 
in Indonesia who is presently under-going large scale corruption and 
embezzlement charges in his country for mismanagement of Government 
funds, to liase him with a credible trustworthy and experienced financial 
planner / astute businessman to act as his investment manager/investment 
partner in your country. It is my client’s intention to invest in the 
following areas for an up-ward of two years before review:

1)	Real estate     (2) Ship leasing    (3) Acquisition of a drug 
manufacturing plant
(4)	Investment in a lucrative software production company
(5)	Acquisition of a motor-vehicle manufacturing plant
                  (6) Acquisition of an oil refinery plant.
(7)	Construction of a five star hotel
(8)	Acquisition of 100,000 acres of land for agricultural development.
(9)	Acquisition of a domestic passenger airline
                  (10) Development of a private health care clinic
                  (11) Development of a multi complex shopping centre

Your advice is therefore solicited since the investment falls within 
your business environment, to this end, My client has embarked the sum of 
USD $29,000,000.00 (Twenty nine million  dollars} for the investment 
venture listed above depending on what area my client and his family 
wishes to invest in.

The investment funds ($29,000,000.00) is a cleared fund sitting in a 
trustee account with a bank in a tax haven island, this funds need to be 
invested as fast as possible because there is a confistication order 
from the Indonesian Government on my client. And so far the Government 
have already confisticated assets and funds worth over $900,000,000.00 
United States dollars and are still confisticating any assets belonging 
to my client. 

For your assistance in this regard, You will be entitled to 10% of the 
total funds to be invested ($800m) in advance and 20% shares in what 
ever project you feel comfortable for my client to invest in.

Please revert to me on my e-mail address for an immediate up-date,

This is a very private and highly confidential project, 

Looking forward to your early reply by E-MAIL as this is a very urgent 

Yours truly,
Mr. Chris Botha

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