2.5 jffs2 wierdness

Kyle Harris kharris at nexus-tech.net
Fri Sep 13 10:32:18 EDT 2002

Here's what I'm seeing at present. 

I built a jffs2 root fs. When the system boots, the kernel hangs (vectors to 
PC 0x4000xxxx). I tracked this down to the binary mawk. If I omit certain 
startup scripts the system boots. If I then run mawk the system hangs. I can 
boot from a nfs root, then mount jffs2, then run mawk from the mounted jffs2 
partition and it works fine! What would be different running a binary from 
root fs vs. a non-root partition? This is an embedded fs, so I think if I 
start adding debug utils (strace, etc.) the problem will most likely change 
)or go away). My original jffs2 fs failed when running mini_httpd, so it 
varies depending on what's on the fs. 


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