FW: Zlib compress

Steve Tsai startec at ms11.hinet.net
Wed May 22 06:28:24 EDT 2002


I can not use alignment trap with SamsungS3C4510 which is a ARM7TDMI
processor, because ARM7TDMI does not have coprocessor 15 using in
alignment trap codes. Now I try to use get_unaligned to fix the
alignment problem in my platform and I can write the file into the
flash, but when I read the file, I got decompressing error, then
unalignment exception. How many codes do I need to modify?  

inflate returned -5
Unhandled fault: alignment exception (13) at 0x00000001
fault-common.c 96
Internal error: Oops: 0
CPU: 0
pc : [<00028ad0>]    lr : [<00053c7c>]    Not tainted
sp : 002a5b3c  ip : 001e7a88  fp : 002a5b54
r10: 003bd000  r9 : 00373000  r8 : 003bd000
r7 : 00373000  r6 : 00001000  r5 : 002a5bc8  r4 : 002399e8
r3 : 00000239  r2 : 00239a00  r1 : 00239a00  r0 : 00008e40
Flags: nzCv  IRQs on  FIQs on  Mode SVC_32  Segment kernel
Control: 0
Process telnet (pid: 19, stackpage=002a5000)
002a5b20:                            00053c7c  00028ad0 20000013
ffffffff 002399

Steve Tsai

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