Kernel oops after sync command in jffs2

Ales Makarov ales.makarov at
Wed May 22 06:51:11 EDT 2002

I have also reported our oops messages few day ago. I traced down the
functions and I got from JFFS2 to MTD. The problem is somewhere in
cfi_amdstd_write(). The problem appears only if there are 2 consecutive
writes (immediately one after another).

This happens regulary when GC tries to reclaim some space. The kernel
dies when GC calls mtd_fake_writev()...

Now I tried the latest version of cfi_cmdset_0002.c (v1.55). The kernel
oops messages are gone, but now I get:

Last[2] is ffff, datum is 1985
Write of 50 bytes at 0x00052438 failed. returned 0, retlen 0
Not marking the space at 0x00052438 as dirty because the flash driver
returned retlen zero
jffs2_write_dirent in garbage_collect_dirent failed: -5


David Woodhouse wrote:
> fgiasson at said:
> > The 'called while erasing!' message means that I put a trace in the
> > map driver write16() function to tell me if write16()is called when a
> > global variable is set.  This global variable indicates that
> > do_erase_oneword has sent the erase sector command and is currently
> > polling for the erase operation to complete.
> OK. We already fixed one of these by disabling fast programming mode, after
> you pointed out that it was sending the unlock command without paying due
> attention to the state machine. If you're definitely using v1.55 of
> cfi_cmdset_0002.c, can you put a BUG() in the mtxmap_write16() call just
> after it prints the 'called while erasing!' message, and we'll see where
> it's being called _from_.
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