FW: Zlib compress

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at infradead.org
Wed May 22 09:06:45 EDT 2002

startec at ms11.hinet.net said:
>  I can not use alignment trap with SamsungS3C4510 which is a ARM7TDMI
> processor, because ARM7TDMI does not have coprocessor 15 using in
> alignment trap codes. Now I try to use get_unaligned to fix the
> alignment problem in my platform and I can write the file into the
> flash, but when I read the file, I got decompressing error, then
> unalignment exception. How many codes do I need to modify?  

I'm not aware of any related to JFFS2 or MTD other than the ones in the 
flash driver. Did you decode the oops you got? Where was it from?


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