FAT for NAND Flash

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> >  1. Is it possible to use FAT filesystem with NAND
> Flash.
> Not directly. You need to use a translation layer on
> the NAND flash to make 
> it emulate a normal hard drive, on which you can put
> any normal file system.

To use JFFS2 with NAND, currently we use four layers
of software :-

A. JFFS2: filesystem driver 
B. MTD: Memory Technology Devices driver 
C. NAND: generic NAND driver 
D. Hardware specific driver 

If i want to use FAT with NAND then i have to use :-

A. FAT: filesystem driver 
B. Translation: Translation layer
C. MTD: Memory Technology Devices driver 
D. NAND: generic NAND driver 
E. Hardware specific driver 

So i have to add only Translation layer, rest layers
will remain same.

Am i right ? If not, please correct me.

How can i write traslation layer , any reference.

> > 3. What is the difference between SmartMedia
> DOS-FAT and ordinary Fat
> > filesystem. 
> AFAIK nothing. SmartMedia has a translation layer
> just like FTL and NFTL, 
> and you put a normal FAT file system on top of that.

Are you supporting SmartMedia DOS-FAT .
>From where i can get sources for SmartMedia DOS-FAT ,
Linux tree , your CVS or some where else.

Thank you for your help.

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