FAT for NAND Flash

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at infradead.org
Thu May 16 11:08:17 EDT 2002

studying_mtd at yahoo.com said:
> To use JFFS2 with NAND, currently we use four layers
> of software :-
> A. JFFS2: filesystem driver 
> B. MTD: Memory Technology Devices driver 
> C. NAND: generic NAND driver 
> D. Hardware specific driver 
> If i want to use FAT with NAND then i have to use :-
> A. FAT: filesystem driver 
> B. Translation: Translation layer
> C. MTD: Memory Technology Devices driver 
> D. NAND: generic NAND driver 
> E. Hardware specific driver 
> So i have to add only Translation layer, rest layers
> will remain same.
> Am i right ? If not, please correct me.

Basically, yes. Some of those layers are so small they probably shouldn't 
be included -- the 'MTD' layer only really allows MTD 'users' such as JFFS2 
and the translation layers to find MTD 'device' such as the flash chip 
drivers -- it doesn't get involved after passing a pointer to the access 

> How can i write traslation layer , any reference.

Look at the FTL and NFTL code in drivers/mtd/ . Also look at the sddr09 
driver for USB SmartMedia readers -- I think that has some of the actual 
SmartMedia format implemented. 

> Are you supporting SmartMedia DOS-FAT .
> From where i can get sources for SmartMedia DOS-FAT ,
> Linux tree , your CVS or some where else.

We don't support the SmartMedia translation layer yet. Many people have 
talked about implementing it; nobody's yet shown me code. There is some 
code which may be useful in the SDDR-09 driver for USB SmartMedia readers, 


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