Latest CVS and 2.2.x

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Tue May 7 11:55:17 EDT 2002

elf at said:
>   The first problem was that the spinlock types were defined twice
>   incompatibly.  In compactmac.h, the inclusion of linux/spinlock.h at
>   line 362 pulls the file from /usr/include instead of the linux source
>   tree version.  Changing this include to asm/spinlock.h eliminated the
>   problem, though I'm not confident that this is the right way to fix
>   it.

That's very broken. Are you sure that include/linux/spinlock.h exists in 
your 2.2 kernel tree?

>   Then, the pci.c driver in mtd/maps failed to build, but for a reason I
>   couldn't deduce.  The compiler complains that the ioremap_noncache
>   symbol is missing. 

That's probably been introduced since 2.2. Add something like...

	#define ioremap_noncache ioremap

... to compatmac.h and then if it works, send me the diff.


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