patches to 2.4.18

Jim Thompson jim at
Fri May 3 12:34:43 EDT 2002

Is the recommended course of action to simply replace the driver set
in 2.4.18 (or 2.4.19) with what is found at

We're currently using,
but there seem to be a few... issues.

Also, I (like so many others lately), had to comment out the call to
invalidate_device() in mtdblock.c::mtdblock_release() in order to get
my root filesystem (jffs2 on mtdblock on Intel Strataflash) to mount.

I note that the call is still there in the CVS vsion:

and we are getting crashes on halt/reboot if we've modified the

Similar questions about jffs2 have been asked:

With no apparent answer.

anyone with clue to offer?


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