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victor.martin at eupla.unizar.es victor.martin at eupla.unizar.es
Fri May 3 07:46:37 EDT 2002

Thanks Charles, i think an IDE flash disk should have the same behaviour than 
an IDE disk, but one of them i think it works like a flash card, without 
internal journalling, so it makes incompatible with IDE spec. because of 
accessing times to the disk. 

The problem is that i can install blkmtd module with a device

insmod blkmtd device=/dev/fd0 for example

I can see it in /proc as mtd0

I have a mtdblock 0 with major -minor 31, 0

but when i try to use it, i can't use mtd0 and mtdblock0 and i don't know what 
is wrong.

I have tried to use /dev filesystem but when i use it my kernel doesn't boot

¿What can i do?

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