X Windows Performance with DOC 2000

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at infradead.org
Thu Jun 20 20:39:20 EDT 2002

david at forcedpotato.com said:
>  Yes, when I use a kernel with the MTD support built-in for DoC 2000
> and nftl I can still run X with the DoC in the system (unless I use
> the M-Systems 4.2 firmware which prevents X from running with or
> without MTD support).  I have not tried loading and unloading MTD
> support as a kernel module.  Maybe this is worth a go. 

If you have the drivers built-in and can still run X, that's what I wanted 
to know. Can you even have the file system on NFTL mounted, as long as your 
X modules aren't on it?

>  Interestingly, I can run SVGAlib applications from the DoC (using the
> VESA driver) without any trouble.  This is confusing because I would
> imagine that the SVGAlib VESA driver and the XFree86 VESA driver are
> both accessing the VESA BIOS.


> M-Systems have told me that the firmware DoC driver that loads into
> memory at bootup sometimes conflicts in memory space that linux is
> trying to use. I suppose this would explain why using different
> firmware versions can prevent X from running from the IDE drive. 

That caused Linux to fail to boot -- but once you're actually in Linux, 
the allocations of the old DOS driver should be long forgotten.

Unless the XFree86 code somehow tries to re-run the DiskOnChip firmware -- 
but you said you'd reproduced the problem even with that obliterated, 
didn't you?


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