writing new BBRAM driver

Alex Pavloff apavloff at eason.com
Mon Dec 16 17:33:41 EST 2002

> That depends on your hardware and your applications needs. 
> You may want to try minix. How much (KB) is your BBRAM, anyway ? Maybe you

> need no FS at all ?

Alright, I've got most of that stuff done, and the device is there.  It just
reboots when I mount the bbram. :-)  Got some work to do.

I want to use a file system to provide the abstraction layer so that I can
go to a hard drive if needed.  Makes my life easier too, especially on
testing.   My previous product had a 128KB BBRAM that was mapped to a DOS
floppy drive by the bios and formatted with FAT12, and that worked well.
Does the minix fs have a small overhead like FAT12?   Could I use FAT12 if I
was willing to stick with 8.3?  (Which wouldn't be a bad idea anyway, for
other reasons in my project).

Alright, one more question:  What should the erasesize be for BBRAM?
Obviously I'm not worried about wear, so should it be zero or one or
something else?


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