bug in doc drivers?

the muppeteer themuppeteer at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 16 08:52:31 EST 2002


I compile my kernel (2.4.20) with mtd support.
I did everything as said in the documentation mtd-jffs-HOWTO.
I boot with my new kernel, and my flash is detected.
I mount my flash.
I write a large amount of data on it ,so that its 100% full.
Then, when I do a sync, the system freezes for about 1min 30.
Why ? Is this a bug in the drivers ? Does the flash need swap to
function properly now ? it didn't need swap before with the binairy
old modules.

Red Hat 7.2
Kernel 2.4.20
No swap (its for a bootable cd)
DiskOnChip 2000 16MB



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