trouble compiling mkfs.jffs2

Jörn Engel joern at
Sat Sep 15 15:12:57 EDT 2001


> In order to re-flash my embedded root filesystem with 
> the correct erase block size, I have transferred all files 
> to my desktop system (an older Debian 2.2) and read up 
> on using mkfs.jffs2.  I couldn't find a pre-compiled binary 
> in a quick and lazy search so I grabbed the cvs tree, 
> cd util, and make mkfs.jffs2.  (did the configure thing too,
> but that didn't fix this problem.)
> [more error descriptions]

Just a wild guess, but Debian 2.2 (aka Potato) is based on the 2.2
Kernel series. This also effects a bunch of files in the /usr/include
tree and might be the cause of your problems.
You could update your Debian system to testing/Woody or simply
temporarily symlink /usr/include/linux to /usr/src/linux/include - if
that one belongs to a current kernel version.


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