trouble compiling mkfs.jffs2

James Schettine james at
Fri Sep 14 14:20:02 EDT 2001

JFFS2 is working great on my embedded arm processor.
(Great work everybody!)

I have started out with a pre-built root image I grabbed 
from others working on handhelds, and they have set
the erase block size to 0x40000 and mine needs to be
0x20000.  Question #1...  does this only affect the
overhead/optimal use or will I actually run into problems
if I run this over a long period.

In order to re-flash my embedded root filesystem with 
the correct erase block size, I have transferred all files 
to my desktop system (an older Debian 2.2) and read up 
on using mkfs.jffs2.  I couldn't find a pre-compiled binary 
in a quick and lazy search so I grabbed the cvs tree, 
cd util, and make mkfs.jffs2.  (did the configure thing too,
but that didn't fix this problem.)

I'm getting problems with size_t undefined in linux/string.h
(I can't believe it doesn't include what it needs !), and 
patching around that I get conflicts between linux/string.h 
and asm/string.h

Then it struck me that as a user-land utility application,
we shouldn't need to get TOO intimate with the kernel.
After all, I am cross-building my filesystem.  The more
you ask about the host kernel, the more wrong you'll
be when you get to the target kernel.

Has anyone else had these troubles/got a work-around.
It's not a good time to be upgrading this particular 
system right now.

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