Re(2): trouble compiling mkfs.jffs2

James Schettine james at
Mon Sep 17 09:06:55 EDT 2001

joern at writes:
>Just a wild guess, but Debian 2.2 (aka Potato) is based on the 2.2
>Kernel series. This also effects a bunch of files in the /usr/include
>tree and might be the cause of your problems.
>You could update your Debian system to testing/Woody or simply
>temporarily symlink /usr/include/linux to /usr/src/linux/include - if
>that one belongs to a current kernel version.

Thanks...  I got it to compile (v1.15), but when I run it 
it creates a file size == one erase block.

A quick web search led me to :
running it --version sez 1.7 and it creates the whole 5 meg
but my kernel complains bitterly that the fs is too old.

If I could grab a binary somewhere I could move on.
If no-one can point me to a binary, I guess I'll
be debugging this app on a 2.2 kernel.
(my boss threatens to "just go back to WinCE"!)

Thanks  J

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