DOC2000 support for a custom PPC750 board

Bao C. Ha baoha at
Mon Nov 5 14:01:13 EST 2001

> The DiskOnChip requires no firmware. It is not an intelligent device. 
> What's normally referred to as the DiskOnChip 'firmware' is the BIOS 
> extension which installs a driver which hooks the PC INT 13h 
> disk service 
> interrupt and hence makes DOS and LILO work. I assume you 
> don't want that :)

Can the firmware boot into LILO directly?  Or it requires the patched
lilo-mtd in the patches subdirectory?

I have been under the impression that you need lilo-mtd to boot the
DiskOnChip.  However, the lilo-mtd patch is dated March of 2000.



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