DOC2000 support for a custom PPC750 board

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Mon Nov 5 06:20:58 EST 2001

boris at said:
>  One more question: from the M-Sys documents I understand there can be
> two types of partitions on a DOC device, binary and NFTL. Binary is
> supposed to store an OS image, and NFTL be used as a filesystem. Are
> there any MTD tools for creating and reading/writing binary DOC
> partitions? Sorry if it sonds silly. I'm not very familiar with DOC
> and MTD.

By 'binary partitions' they presumably mean data stored directly on the 
flash chips. NFTL is a kind of pseudo-filesystem which is used to emulate a 
block device - you then put normal filesystems on top of that emulated 
block device. 

Yes, we have programs which will write data to the raw flash. You just open 
/dev/mtd0, use the MEMERASE ioctl for the region you want to overwrite 
and then write to it. The doc_loadbios program was used for putting Grub in 
place of the normal firmware. 


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