DOC2000 support for a custom PPC750 board

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Mon Nov 5 17:54:13 EST 2001

baoha at said:
>  Can the firmware boot into LILO directly?  Or it requires the patched
> lilo-mtd in the patches subdirectory?

> I have been under the impression that you need lilo-mtd to boot the
> DiskOnChip.  However, the lilo-mtd patch is dated March of 2000. 

I've never used the patched LILO, but I believe the only changes are that 
it recognises the 'root=/dev/nftla' device and sets the device number 
accordingly, and that it can deal with the fact that the M-Systems BIOS 
extension has eaten a huge chunk of sub-640K RAM. The latter may no longer 
be required with a newer LILO anyway, and the former can be worked around 
by using 'append="root=/dev/nftla"' instead of just 'root=', just as with 
other device names that LILO doesn't know about.


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