AW: HELP! - ISDN device not working with 16M DOC2000 but working with 8MB DOC Millenium

Michael Gibson m.gibson at
Tue May 29 02:54:02 EDT 2001

Hi David,

First of all thank you that you want to help.

I can always succesfully load both DOC´s (8MB Mill. and 16MB DOC2000)
without problem. They are always detected correctly.
And PCMCIA works with the 8MB DOC Mill.
The problem is that I CAN NOT load the other modules succesfully after
loading the 16MB DOC2000 but I CAN load them after loading the 8MB DOC Mill.
The ISDN Card is PCI and the wavelan card is PCMCIA + ISA PCMCIA Adapter and
they are not inserted at the same time, so I have eighter inserted the PCI
ISDN card or the ISA PCMCIA Adapter (1 slot) + PCMCIA Wavelan card but not
both together.

Sorry, I don´t exactely understand your last question:
Which kind of resources does the DOC use?
- /proc/ioports
- /proc/interrupts
- /proc/iomem
- /proc/dma
and why can´t I see in above files which resources are occupied by the DOC?
When you say "memory region", would that be /proc/iomem or /proc/ioports? (I
think /proc/iomem but I am not shure).
The info which I get when doing modprobe docprobe is /proc/iomem or
If there would be a problem with the memory region with the PCI ISDN
adapter, how could I change the memory region for it?

Sorry for this big confusion on my side and for asking so many questiones.

Best regards

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> Betreff: Re: HELP! - ISDN device not working with 16M DOC2000 but
> working with 8MB DOC Millenium
> m.gibson at said:
> > I can mount nftla1 from the 16MB DOC2000, but when I try to load the
> > hisax module for the Sedlbauer ISDN card it simply does not work. When
> > I try to do the same thing with a 8MB DOC millenium I can load the
> > hisax module without any problem.
> > Same problem with wavelan - PCMCIA. it works perfect with 8MB DOC
> > Millenium but with 16MB DOC2000 it does not work?
> Do you mean it failed to detect the DiskOnChip hardware at all? Can you
> show the startup messages?
> Is it a PCMCIA ISDN card? Is the PCMCIA correctly configured not
> to attempt
> to use the memory region used by the DiskOnChip?
> --
> dwmw2

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