Bug in MTD xconfig?

Frank Neuber neuber at convergence.de
Tue May 29 04:01:16 EDT 2001

Frederic Giasson wrote:

Hi Frederic,
I work with the cvs-code from May 21 13:13 and I don't have this
Maybe you have entered the number in hex format into kernel
configuration, You don't.
If you wish to map from 0x8000000 with size 0x4000000 you should only
enter 8000000
and 4000000 without the 0x prefix.

> Hi,
>         I downloaded the lastest MTD code from infradead's CVS site and I am
> experiencing a problem with the kernel configuration.  In menu "Memory
> Technology Devices" / "Maping drivers for chips access", I set "CFI Flash
> device in physical memory map" to 'y', but I whenever I enter values for
> Physical start address and length,  my values always change to something
> like 0x8000000 and 0x4000000.  I had to hardcode the real values for the
> flash physical address and length of my board in autoconf.h.  Did you ever
> heard/dealed with this problem?
> Thank you!


PS: My hardware is an ARM-Integrator board with intel-flash ...

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