Daniel Cox DCox at
Tue May 29 03:38:33 EDT 2001


I am trying to use Grub on a DOC2000.

Using Kernel 2.4.5 and MTD from 28May.
Grub 0.5.95 from ( with both patches -doc & -doc-boot applied.
There is no patch for .5.96 and I cant find grub .5.97!

I have built the grub_firmware and installed with doc_loadbios - Grub loads correctly on rebooting. 
However even with the --enable-diskonchip option for ./configure, root (dc0) does not work - selected disk does not exist!
For now I am running from a hard disk (hd0).

Once the firmware is installed, the following appears
  Could not find valid boot record
  Could not mount NFTL device

nftl_format works but removes the firmware.

How can I get the firmware installed along with a formatted partition?

How can I access the DOC device from Grub?

Does JFFS work with the DOC? I read the archive and it was recently mentioned that it does not work.

Thanks for your help.

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