MTD compile on 2.2.17 kernel

Michel STEMPIN admin at
Wed May 2 03:39:31 EDT 2001

> If I change GNUmakefile
> ifeq ($(VERSION),2)
>  ifeq ($(PATCHLEVEL),0) <<<changed this to:>>>  ifeq ($(PATCHLEVEL),2)
>    obj-y += initcalls.o
>   endif
> endif
> Then it compiles.

Did the same... Be carefull, this fix should be up to 2.2.18 only. But I am
stuck at the point I cannot find the "cfi" module from my map init... It
looks like it is acting as if I compiled MTD with modules (which I didn't
considering the HOWTO recommandation), but I got "MODULES" defined. My
kernel is using modules, though. Is there a possible confusion here?

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