jffs, uxlinux, intel flash

Erwin Authried eauth at softsys.co.at
Tue May 1 12:27:36 EDT 2001

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> Subject: jffs, uxlinux, intel flash
> I have a custom DragonBallEZ-based board (uClinux) with a 2MB Intel
> flash device (28F160C3-T). I would like to get Linux to recognize the
> flash device, and then to get jffs on it. I am told this has been done
> before. Unfortunately all the detailed information I've been able to 
> find online relates to MTD and so doesn't apply to uClinux.
> The (first) trouble is it looks (at first glance at least) like the 
> standard flash driver doesn't support Intel flash at all. Is this 
> true? I had been told otherwise, but not by any particular authority.
> Secondly, since I have no non-volatile storage device other than the 
> flash chip in question, I will need to have the jffs 
> filesystem occupy 
> only the upper part of the flash device, with the kernel occupying 
> the lower part. It is not clear to me how to do this; first it is not 
> clear how I copy my jffs filesystem image into only the upper half, 
> and second it is not clear how to tell mount where to look for it.
> Thanks in advance for helping set this new user straight. Any 
> additional 
> advice regarding getting jffs running under uClinux would be most 
> welcome.

I'm not sure about the Intel Flash support, but I think it is
supported by cfi_cmdset0001.c. I have modified the core of MTD
to support uClinux, I have a small README for MTD with uClinux
in my uClinux Directory at http://uclinux.home.at/. I haven't 
ported back JFFS, but Stephen Brasher was working on JFFS support,
in uClinux, when I remember correctly. 


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