LOCK and UNLOCK functions

Alice Hennessy ahennessy at mvista.com
Thu Jan 11 14:41:39 EST 2001


I need to implement the lock and unlock functions in cfi_cmdset_0001.c.
for STRATA chips.
Most of the hooks are already there in mtdchar.c and mtdpart.c for these
2 functions.
I do need to fix the if statements in mtdpart.c that doesn't set the
and slave->mtd.unlock correctly.
But other than that, I have a few questions:

1. It doesn't appear to me that suspend affects the locking and
unlocking flowcharts -
only program and erase.   Is this a correct assumption?

2. The mtdchar.c ioctl call for MEMUNLOCK  passes the start and len
addresses.  The
unlock for the STRATA clears all the lock bits.  So I intend to include
logic to reinstate the
locked bits that are outside the desired range.   Sound reasonable?


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