CFI problems with 32bit bus and 4 devices

Michael Thompson mickey at
Wed Jan 10 17:45:23 EST 2001

dwmw2 wrote:
> Technically, I think this setup would fit into the original model as
> buswidth == 8, and we should be using read64/write64 for accesses to the
> flash.
> Just how crap is gcc's long long support these days? Could we use __u64
> for this?

Actually, I just got buswidth==8 working on a 32-bit ppc (my configuration
is 4 devices in 16 bit mode).  However, I found that I could use __u64 for
passing data around, but __u64 would not work when accessing the devices..
For this, I had to use a little trick: floating point loads and stores.
On the ppc, these are 64 bits wide.

I'd be willing to submit patches...  Shall I send them to you?

-Michael Thompson
mickey at

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