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What I so eagerly would like to share with you is a mold, or more 
so a set of 'thoughts to ponder' which upon serious consideration 
will completely change your outlook on life as a whole. It will 
open your eyes to the opportunities that sit waiting for you to 
take advantage of.

Do you know someone who is always smiling and at ease? The first 
person to say " That's OK it happens " when something goes wrong, 
or " Don't worry we can get around it "? Someone who is laid back 
but intelligent and attentive?

Do you know someone who is successful? A friend or acquaintance 
who can always head away for a weekend ski trip or pack the bags 
and head up to their cabin on the lake? Someone who takes care of 
the check after a fancy dinner, and can buy a new outfit any time 
they like?
Do you know a person who is greeted by an abundance of greetings, 
hugs and hellos whenever they appear at a social gathering? 
Someone who seems to be at the receiving end of a handshake 
anywhere they go, and seem to have a friend wherever they 

How about the friend with the wonderful family life? Be it a 
child, teenager or young adult who can say " My parents are 
really cool, I have a great time with them! " and you can tell 
they truly mean it. Or maybe a parent who enjoys getting up at 
ridiculous times to watch there child partake in a sport or hobby 
they love. And then there's the girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse 
who remembers every little occasion, but doesn't need an occasion 
to show their love.

If all of the above characteristics describe you, 
congratulations, you then understand why  I want to share this 
feeling with everyone. If you do not currently enjoy all of these 
fulfilling aspects of life, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR !?!?!?! With 
the help of my guide and your own perseverance you can find your 
way to that 'pot of gold' at the end of the rainbow that is your 
journey through life.
I wonder to myself every morning ; who will I meet today? What 
will I accomplish? Who can I help? how much money will I make? 
And every day I meet a new person, accomplish a new goal, and 
make a substantial amount of money.

If you've read this much, you can't help but be interested in HOW 
I have accomplished this wonderful life especially considering 
I'm still in my early 20's. I have achieved it by studying the 
lives of many successful people and combining their thoughts and 
ideas to come up with my own formula or 'guide' if you will. If 
you follow this guide and consciously ponder it's suggestions, 
phases, quotes and insights, all aspects of your life will have a 
new meaning and take on new value. Your life will become more 
fulfilling than you ever thought possible.

This is not a ' Get Rich Quick ' scheme, but I'll be honest, 
myself and many others who have followed the principles of my 
'guide' have found more ways to make very large amounts of money 
than they ever could have imagined.

Through this guide I can show you how my secrets of motivation, 
self-happiness, reasonability, the ability to communicate well 
with others, and looking at 'the BIG  picture' will allow ANYONE 
to achieve this kind of lifestyle. RICH in love, spirituality, 
friendship, contentness and material wealth. YOU can be HAPPY, 

Just think for  a cost of only $19.99, this guide will help you 
achieve priceless tangible and intangible assets. Not only can 
YOU benefit from it, but it is timeless, so you can pass it on 
through generations, thus allowing you to instill the same 
qualities in your children, grandchildren, and so on, helping 
them realize this same lifestyle.

When you purchase this guide and find yourself reveling in it's 
rewards, please tell others about it. Also, I would greatly 
appreciate it if you would send me an email telling me of your 
success in finding your               ' Complete Life '  I feel 
great satisfaction in knowing I have helped others live life on 
their own terms. As well, I would like to post and publish your 
successes for others to see and admire, however if you do not 
want me to share you accomplishments with others, please indicate 
" Not for Publication " along the top of the message. This may be 
the most influential $19.99 you will ever spend in your entire 

For those of you who are self-starters and would like to make 
some extra money, I have another offer for you. Because I have 
composed this publication for reasons other than financial but at 
the same time realize it's profitable possibilities, I am making 
these booklets available at half the cost (min. 20 booklets) for 
anyone who would like to become an independent vendor of 
GuideYourLife. What I will provide for these vendors is (a) an 
easy to sell, legitimate product (b) several easy-to-follow 
techniques for marketing the product (c)a $500 bonus to the top 
vendor each month, and (c) a web-site ( - under 
construction) which will provide you with an area to place 
orders, consult with GuideYourLife management, and find out new 
hot selling tips. This is an opportunity to work at your own pace 
with no monthly membership fees, selling quotas, start-up fees, 
and absolutely no risk. If you choose, you don't have to order 
the booklets from GuideYourLife until you've already sold them to 
your clients. This is absolutely risk free with results limited 
only by you. I suggest buying a guide for yourself and upon 
finishing it, I'm sure that you will have the motivation and 
confidence in your abilities to sell it to others. Think you 
could sell 20 booklets @ $19.99 by for example sending one email 
similar to this to a bunch of people. You would then order these 
20 booklets from GuideYourLife @ $10.99 and make an easy $180…by 
sending only 1 email. And it's all 100% risk free.

Currently in the works is ''. A website which 
will publish readers as well as vendors success', GuideYourLife 
tips, each months top vendor, future products, and more.

Do not pass up the opportunity to purchase this guide. If for 
some reason you aren't satisfied by our product, send the 
undamaged guide back within 30 days and we'll completely refund 
your money (less shipping and handling).

Please fill out the order form below and send it to:

P.O. Box 195
Abbotsford, B.C.

First name: ____________________________________                 
Last name: ____________________________________                  




Zip/Postal Code:________________________________

Please send me ___ guide(s) @ $19.99 ea. + $4.95 shipping and 
handling ($8.95 overseas)

I have enclosed a __ cheque __money order for $__________ made 
payable to Andrew Mitchell c/o Guideyourlife

__ Please send me vendor information

__ Do not send me any vendor information

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