Problems with cfi_cmdset_0002.c

Jonas Holmberg jonas.holmberg at
Tue Feb 13 03:59:03 EST 2001

> > I have two AM29LV160D one top and one bottom boot and the both say
> bootloc==0 :(
> > I checked the datasheets and the AM29LV160D does not have 
> 004F (bootloc),
> like the AM29LV320D cips do. I'll try to find some other way 
> of determining
> the boot location.
> How does the erase regions look like for these chips?

When CFI-probed they say that they are identical, but in reality they aren't. That's the problem. The only thing that differs that I have found so far is the device ID. But device IDs aren't the same for different manufacturers...


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