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Tue Feb 13 07:07:55 EST 2001

David Hamm wrote:
> Is anyone booting from disk on chip with LILO.  I've tried several different
> methods but still can't do it.  I'm using lilo 21.6, kernel 2.4.0 with mtd
> modules.  I get the following info when I "fdisk /dev/nftla"
>         DiskOnChip Millennium found at address 0xD0000
>         Cannot calculate an NFTL geometry to match size of 0x7cf0.
>         Using C:999 H:16 S:2 (== 0x7ce0 sects)
I have only DOC 2000 chips, sorry
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> Also Lilo won't install because it doesn't know how to handle device 5d01.
did you use the mtd-lilo from the cvs tree???
That knows how to handle device 5d01 
(major: 93 minor 01 = /dev/nftl/disc0/part1 with devfs)
if you want my lilo.conf you can get it.

> If you see anyting that might cause a problem or be different than what you are
> doing please let me know.  Thanks
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