lrp booting from M-Systems ISA flash card

Andrey Glazunov lhfrjgtn at
Fri Feb 2 18:18:50 EST 2001

> lhfrjgtn at said:
> > i told about my experiment - i  boot from 1.44floppy with this ISA
> > card inserted to check if any conflicts with BIOS extensions and any
> > linux code - system boots OK ... is it good experiment ?
> Er... yes, that's a good experiment. Sorry, I'd missed that. The
> explanation doesn't really hold then. Can you boot from a floppy and load
> the kernel from the flash card?

hm... how can i do it ?  something like boot=/dev/hda1 in syslinux.cfg at
floppy ? as i see linux software do not understand this 'device' as /hda1
and as for booting from flash - system loads root.lrp well and hangs at time
of 'loading linux..'  so it seems like some critical errors in kernel (if i
understand it right) when it try to acsess boot device during its
initialising (loading)... it seems only kernel patches can help...
> lhfrjgtn at said:
> >  what is 'bitrot' ?
> The process whereby old code which hasn't been touched for a long time
> seems to stop working.

hmm... i will try to understand it but i am too poor in linux yet :(

> > and where can i found doc1000.c ?
> In the Linux 2.4 kernel: linux/drivers/mtd/doc1000.c. Or from my CVS tree
> if you want to patch it into 2.2.

i better try to work with 2.2 kernels as stable releases (IMHO)... all i
want to do is to build small PPTP server with 1 network card to 'mirror'
game traffic in the internet (now it work on WinNT4 but i want it to be
linux without 500Mb HDD and 64Mb RAM) ... so i will better look into
patches... unfortunately i want to boot all system from flash card without
floppy or hdd... in other case there is no advantages of flash...


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