lrp booting from M-Systems ISA flash card

Andrey Glazunov lhfrjgtn at
Thu Feb 8 20:23:16 EST 2001

> lhfrjgtn at said:
> > i told about my experiment - i  boot from 1.44floppy with this ISA
> > card inserted to check if any conflicts with BIOS extensions and any
> > linux code - system boots OK ... is it good experiment ?
> Er... yes, that's a good experiment. Sorry, I'd missed that. The
> explanation doesn't really hold then. Can you boot from a floppy and load
> the kernel from the flash card?

well ... it seems i suddenly find horrible bug in thats system (mainboard
BIOS as i think) - it _can_not_ boot kernel from IDE HDD, non-standart
floppy (1680kb) and my ISA flash card too :|  just hangs at 'Loading
kernel..' ...
well ... i just solve that problem with booting LRP from 1.44 'standart'
floppy and small HDD for modules...
i try to boot from my flash card at another PII motherboard - it loads
kernel ok ! but really can not load any modules after it :| (not hangs ...
just wrote errors loading modules and wait for run-level input)
so i need to patch kernel is not it ?
> In the Linux 2.4 kernel: linux/drivers/mtd/doc1000.c. Or from my CVS tree
> if you want to patch it into 2.2.

is it mtd-20000704.diff files from  the
only patch i need or some else ? does it adds support for my old enough ISA
flash card to 2.2.16 kernel or i have no chances to load modules from it
after succesful loading kernel ?


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