Preliminary documentation.

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Tue Mar 28 05:49:03 EST 2000

I've now put written up the documentation I wrote out by hand last night.
It's at

Comments, please. I haven't yet filled in my suggested restrictions on the 
read/write functions, but I have removed the retlen arguments.

As I said, I'm changing the notifier stuff to make it cleaner. I have yet to 
actually change the code to fit in with my new documentation. 

Also, a couple of questions on the decisions I've made:

1. Is mtd->sync() enough, or could users want more access to the erase queue?

	We could add 
		struct erase_info *mtd->eraseq;
		spin_lock_t	mtd->eraseq_lock;
	... and allow users to use that.

2. Is the callback in the erase_info OK or would we be better off having a 
wait_queue_head_t instead (or as well)?


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