Integrating 2000 and Millenium drivers

Brendan J Simon brendan.simon at
Mon Aug 14 20:37:34 EDT 2000

I don't know the code very well, but I would push for code reuse where ever
 Maybe there should be three file ???  One that has the common/shared code,
one for Doc2000 specific code and one for DocMil specific code ???

Brendan Simon.

Miguel Freitas wrote:

>     Hi,
>     I'm fixing some little things on DOC2000 driver, and I'm wondering
> if we could integrate 2k and Millenium drivers in a single file. There
> is so many common code in these two drivers that I guess we could
> do it like m-sys do: a single driver with a flag to enable all pipeline
> stuff from millenium and registers. A single variable pointing to the
> IO register would also be nice.
>     I agree that from a first version perspective it's better to develop
> two drivers. We can work in all 2k or Mil little tricks without breaking
> the other. But maybe we are reaching a stable low level routines
> where the merge could be done.
>     I don't have the millenium hardware, so I would probably break
> everything for millenium users if I make this merge. Is there
> someone with knowledge of DoC Mil (and spare time!) to help me
> with it?
>     BTW, I've just begin hacking DoC last month, so forgive me if I'm
> missing some good reason why these drivers can't be merged...
> Regards,
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