Integrating 2000 and Millenium drivers

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Tue Aug 15 03:29:10 EDT 2000

miguel at said:
>     BTW, I've just begin hacking DoC last month, so forgive me if I'm
> missing some good reason why these drivers can't be merged... 

There's no particularly good reason to keep them separate if we can merge 
them without killing the performance. I split them up so that I could point 
people at doc2001.c and say 'There. Make it work if you want to'. 

Now that's done, I don't see any particular reason to keep them separate.

Code reuse is wonderful as long as it doesn't mean shitloads of conditional 
branches in the inner loop of the access functions. I think we can merge 
them without doing that, so why not?


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