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Rodrigo Moya rodrigo at
Fri Apr 28 08:16:54 EDT 2000

> Hi,
> Apologies but I've been away for 10 days or so.
> It sounds to me as if the init routines have not been set-up correctly
> as Dave suggested.
> linux/init/main.c - do_basic_setup() calls init_mtd()
> mtd.c - init_mtd() calls the rest of the configured init routines.
> I can't remember if there's much screen output to see, there should be
> something. If in doubt, try enabling the DBG output, (recompile with
> -DZDBG).
> Hope this helps, if not get back to me with some more details
It was my fault, I had applied the patch, but in a different directory,
and my makefile wasn't copying the patched init/main.c file. Sorry.

But now, I'm compiling with this fixed, and I get undefined references
to register_mtd_notifier and unregister_mtd_notifier, which are not in
the source tree I've got here. I've even dropped today the directory and
checked out from CVS a fresh copy.

And these two functions are neither in the linux source tree.

Thanks for your help!

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