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Fri Apr 28 04:38:16 EDT 2000

Hi Everyone,

Dave Woodhouse and I had a meeting yesterday and we came up with the
following list of things that need doing to/fixing in the MTD code:

1	Write Support
	a	ECC
	b	Bad block handling (static)
	c	Bad block detection and handling (dynamic)
	d	Timing constraints
	e	Asynchronous writes

2	FTL fix

3	Support for NOR flash/PCMCIA

4	Support utilities
	a	Formatting
	b	Bad sector/block detection
	c	Consistency checking

5	Documentation
	a	Architectural description
	b	User Guide and API listing
	c	...

6	DOC Millenium support

7	Fix the character device memory copy to/from user space

8	JFFS/FFS2 support

	a	Filesystem support (NFTL, JFFS etc)
	b	MTD support

10	Execute-in-place

We attempted to prioritize them as we saw fit with the following two
	a)	submission to the main-stream linux kernel (2.4/2.5)
	b)	production of a fully GPL alternative to what M-Systems offer

Since Dave's still officially on holiday I agreed to post this to the
list. We're after your opinions and suggestions regarding the TODO list
and the two immediate goals for this work. We're also after volunteers
to take on various parts of the development. Please feel free to comment
upon the above.



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