DOC2000 and Kernel 2.3 ??

Udi Finkelstein udif at
Wed Apr 12 06:36:05 EDT 2000

Stuart Lynne wrote:
> In article <f1c7fssr0pi4tvjhv4g10trhkqq28j0i6r at>,
> Udi Finkelstein <udif at> wrote:
> >I see 3 possible options:
> >
> >1. Hacking the original m-sys 2.2.x driver to work under 2.3.x. Is this
> >possible? How much of the binary only portion depends on the 2.2.x kernel=
> > API?
> >Can it be adapted to 2.3.x by changing only the skeleton code around it?
> Very little if any. You should be able to just modify the fldrvlnx.c file
> appropriately and have it work.
> I'm not to sure what CRAMFS is going to do for you. It's not too hard
> to have a minimal system entirely on the RAM disk
If I want to use a filesystem containing read-only files (executables 
and data files) which is 2 MB for example, I would require either:
*  2MB  conventional filesystem (e2fs) mounted read-only, using no 
dedicated RAM (other than caching/buffering), but using 2MB of the flash 
disk (50% in my case).
* compressed RAM disk mounted as an initrd, using 2MB RAM (out of the 
8MB DRAM I have), but only 1MB flash (25% of the DOC2000-4MB I use, 
assuming 50% compression ratio).
* CRAMFS based partition using 1MB flash and no RAM.

Ofcourse, the bigger the partition needs to be, the higher the gains.

I'd rather have the 3rd option.

Also, where do I find a *complete* list of 2.2 -> 2.3 kernel changes? 
the only list I found was:

and it is certainly lacking.

> Stuart Lynne <sl at>                __O 

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