DOC2000 and Kernel 2.3 ??

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Wed Apr 12 04:58:03 EDT 2000

udif at said:
>  Now the big Question: What is the best (any) way to get a doc2000
> working with the 2.3 kernel?

> I see 3 possible options:

> 1. Hacking the original m-sys 2.2.x driver to work under 2.3.x. Is
> this possible? How much of the binary only portion depends on the
> 2.2.x kernel API? Can it be adapted to 2.3.x by changing only the
> skeleton code around it?

That could possibly work, with a bit of hacking.

> 2. Using the Axis JFFS code. Is it stable? does it work at all?

It's not clear yet whether it would work on NAND flash. 

> 3. using the MTD FFS code. Does it finally work under 2.3.x? 

I'm developing primarily under 2.3 - but my write support for NFTL still 
isn't reliable enough for production use.

In order of preference, I'd say you should go for 2,3,1 - and you're 
welcome to help with the code for any of them.


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