(Fwd) DoC2000 Kernel problems (fwd)

David Woodhouse David.Woodhouse at mvhi.com
Fri Nov 26 08:59:43 EST 1999

This one was caught by the spam filter, because M-Systems' mail server is in 
the ORBS blacklist. 

Sorry, I'd made an exception for them in the company's mail server as soon as I
noticed, but I forgot to do the same on infradead.org. It should be fixed now.

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From: Oron Ogdan <Orono at m-sys.com>
Cc: MTD <mtd at imladris.mvhi.com>
Subject: RE: (Fwd) DoC2000 Kernel problems 
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 1999 13:44:46 +0200

David Woodhouse said :
> Can you do something similar? Overwriting the DoC built-in BIOS with 0xff 
> would do the trick. That's what M-Systems recommend in their latest 
> documentation, I believe - and they even give you a 'Linux firmware' file 
> which is just 48Kb of 0xff :)

You can also press Ctrl-Alt-B while the system boots and the firmware will
not be loaded.


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