(Fwd) DoC2000 Kernel problems

David Woodhouse David.Woodhouse at mvhi.com
Fri Nov 26 03:24:52 EST 1999

dviro at hotpop.com said:
> 1.  I'm not able to compile the files into the kernel.  For some
> reason, when I compile the drivers into the kernel, I can't reach  /
> dev/nftla with fdisk, and I can't mount /dev/nftla1.  I applied the
> patch from this mailing list, and still the same thing.  Anybody got
> any ideas?

Which patch? I've been sent a patch to get it to work when it's compiled into 
the 2.2 kernel, but I didn't think that was sent to the list.

> 2.  I'm trying to create a diskless system using DoC2000 flash.   My
> problem is initializing the flash with the root file system, and
> stuff that I need there, without connecting a disk to it.  I thought
> about using Etherboot, however it has the same problem that lilo  has
> with M-Systems' firmware, that does not allow it to boot.   Anybody
> has any ideas? 

I have mine in an ISA evaluation board, and can't get Linux to boot while it's 
enabled - I just pull the jumper out and then put it back in when Linux has 
booted. Guess why I only got it to work with modules :)

Can you do something similar? Overwriting the DoC built-in BIOS with 0xff 
would do the trick. That's what M-Systems recommend in their latest 
documentation, I believe - and they even give you a 'Linux firmware' file 
which is just 48Kb of 0xff :)


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