doc2000 and mtd

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Mon Dec 20 05:41:38 EST 1999

adi at said:
>  What am I doing wrong? 

Nothing. You don't need to load the mtdblock driver, but that shouldn't be 
making anything go wrong.

It's going to be a bug in the driver. What size is the DiskOnChip? Can you 
send me the entire kernel log (from dmesg not from syslogd)

Can you also try it without rebooting - after unmounting the NFTL, run 'sync' 
a few times, then unload the nftl module and reload it again. See if it's happy then.

There are two possibilities - one is that it's not syncing fast enough and 
that you're rebooting it too quickly. That wouldn't be your fault, but would 
be a symptom of two separate bugs: Firstly a bug in the release() routine 
which is supposed to sync the device before returning. Secondly, and more 
importantly, a bug in the NFTL code which is supposed to leave the device in a 
valid and recoverable state at all time.

Alternatively, it could just be a bug in my NFTL code, which leaves the 
NFTL filesystem in a state which isn't valid whether you interrupt it or not :)

Either way, I'm going to need you to take dumps of the filesystem both before 
and after mounting it - if you work out a way to reproduce this reliably, 
without rebooting, and with as few steps as possible (like mount a clean 
filesystem, untar as small a tar file as you need to cause the problem, 
unmount), that'd be extremely useful.

Thanks for the bug report.


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