Data Reliability

Kira Brown kira at
Mon Dec 20 03:37:34 EST 1999

On Tue, 21 Dec 1999, Bjorn Eriksson wrote:
>  Uhm, do you let your SC410 keep cruising at 99MHz?

Nope; I have a little program that bumps it down to 8MHz as soon as
powerfail is detected.

> ISTR that these "funky memory retention caps" (FMRC:) holds up kinda
> bad under heavy load.

Yes.  But well enough, we find.

> P.s Do you know any venues for SC4xx designs/info/refs? Considering how 

I'd have to ask David (our hardware designer).  He knows this thing inside
and out.

> many people are designing with this beast there preciously little noise on 
> the Web. Right now I'm fighting GPCSA who stubbornly asserts his right to 
> drive *ALL* the GPIO_CS's

Ooooh, that's *good*.  We just bite the bullet and build more hardware
when we need that sort of thing...


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