Data Reliability

Bjorn Eriksson mdeans at
Tue Dec 21 06:59:25 EST 1999

>We've already done it.  Since we have not a lot running on the system, a
>shutdown -h takes less than a third of a second on a 99MHz AMD Elan SC410
>driving an 8Mbyte DoC2000.  We didn't write any special code other than a
>little thingy (technical term) that watches one of the processor GPIO pins
>for a falling edge and executes a shutdown if it sees one.  One of those
>funky 1F memory retention caps provides the power to do this.  (Do those
>things scare anyone else or is it just me?)

 Uhm, do you let your SC410 keep cruising at 99MHz? ISTR that these "funky 
memory retention caps" (FMRC:) holds up kinda bad under heavy load. I've 
got myself a seriously funky MRC that's either 3F or 700uF depending on how 
heavy a load I've got at the point of power failure.

P.s Do you know any venues for SC4xx designs/info/refs? Considering how 
many people are designing with this beast there preciously little noise on 
the Web. Right now I'm fighting GPCSA who stubbornly asserts his right to 
drive *ALL* the GPIO_CS's :-) D.s

//Björn Eriksson

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