doc2000 and mtd

Adi Linden adi at
Sun Dec 19 01:10:08 EST 1999


I am trying to get he mtd driver to work... Here's what I've got so far:

1. Compiled the driver
3. Load modules
     insmod mtd.o
     insmod mtdblock.o
     insmod nftl.o
     insmod doc2000.o
4. Mount the doc (factory fresh)
     mount -t msdos /dev/nftla1 /mnt

Now I can cd into /mnt (the doc2000 partiton) and I can also read and
write to it. So I copy a bunch of files there, the unmount and power off
the machine. Upon reboot I do step 3. above. When I attempt to mount
/dev/nftla1 I get an error message saying the partition doesn't exist or
is the wrong file system. If I do fdisk /dev/nftla my partition doesn't

I ran my dos boot floppy and reinstalled the doc firmaware from the
M-Systems disk. I repeated the above steps with the same result.

What am I doing wrong?


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