[PATCH] sched_clock: Prevent callers from seeing half-updated data

John Stultz john.stultz at linaro.org
Fri Feb 7 17:28:36 EST 2014

On 02/07/2014 02:22 PM, Stephen Boyd wrote:
> On 02/07, Stephen Boyd wrote:
>> If two sched_clock sources are registered we may end up in a
>> situation where a call to sched_clock() may be accessing the
>> epoch cycle count for the old counter and the cycle count for the
>> new counter. This can lead to confusing results where
>> sched_clock() values jump and then are reset to 0 (due to the way
>> the registration function forces the epoch_ns to be 0). Fix this
>> by reorganizing the registration function to hold the seqlock for
>> as short a time as possible while we update the clock_data
>> structure for a new counter and stop resetting the epoch_ns count
>> to 0.
> Hmm.. This won't properly accumulate time. We need to put
> whatever time has elapsed into epoch_ns when we register the new
> counter for this to work. I don't have a board with this
> configuration but I'll send a v2 that should fix this. Hopefully
> Will can test it.

Also maybe clarify in the commit message that this is a result of not
having the necessary locking in place in the registration code (likely
due to it not really being required in the single clock case), just so
Ingo and others have some more context as to why this is needed now and
wasn't hit before.


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