[PATCH 1/4] ARM: STi: add stid127 soc support

Arnd Bergmann arnd at arndb.de
Thu Feb 6 11:46:29 EST 2014

On Wednesday 05 February 2014, srinivas kandagatla wrote:
> Currently l2cc bindings has few optional properties like.
> - arm,data-latency
> - arm,tag-latency
> - arm,dirty-latency
> - arm,filter-ranges
> - interrupts :
> - cache-id-part:
> - wt-override:
> These does not include properties to set "way-size", "associativity",
> "enabling prefetching", "Prefetch drop enable", "prefetch offset",
> "Double linefill" and few more in prefect control register and
> aux-control register.
> This is not just a issue with STi SOCs, having a quick look, I can see
> that few more SOCs have similar requirements to set these properties.
> We could do two things to get l2 setup automatically on STi SOCS.
> 1> Either define these properties case-by-case basic, which might be
> useful for other SOCs too.
> 2> Or Add new compatible string for STi SoCs so that they can
> automatically setup these values in cache-l2x0.c
> Am Ok with either approaches.

I suggested 1 in the past, but the objection that I saw (can't
find the email at the moment) was that the additional settings
are "configuration" rather than "hardware properties". What I'd
really need to know from you is which of properties you listed
as missing above are actually needed for your platform, and whether
they can be classified as hardware specific or just configuration.


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