can problems on socfpga [was Re: [PATCH v2 4/6] ARM: socfpga: dts: add can0+1]

Pavel Machek pavel at
Fri Apr 25 12:53:19 PDT 2014


> > Signed-off-by: Steffen Trumtrar <s.trumtrar at>
> I have had similar patch here, except that it only listed 2 interrupts
> for each d_can controller.
> Otherwise it looks identical.
> Reviewed-by: Pavel Machek <pavel at>

Actually, does it work for you? Here it produces warnings during boot

c_can_platform ffc00000.d_can: invalid resource
c_can_platform ffc00000.d_can: control memory is not used for raminit
c_can_platform ffc00000.d_can: c_can_platform device registered
(regs=9085c000, irq=163)
can: controller area network core (rev 20120528 abi 9)
NET: Registered protocol family 29
can: raw protocol (rev 20120528)
can: broadcast manager protocol (rev 20120528 t)
can: netlink gateway (rev 20130117) max_hops=1

. Then can0 is correctly registered, and seems to even receive
packets, but only when enter is pressed on serial console... which is
kind of weird. I suspected irq problems, but same symptomps with
"irqpoll" -- it leads to generate 2000 irqs/second, but still waits
for enter.

[Aha, and we have just two interrupts listed, but I don't think that
explains all the problems. Unfortunately, that particular target uses
human for remote power switch...].

Any ideas?

(cesky, pictures)

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